Services provided before arrival at the Airport (web site, Airport App, etc.)

Availabilities of Parking Lots

Attitude of Carpark personnel

Passport & Security

Waiting time at Passport

Attitude of Passport personnel

Waiting time at Security Process

Attitude of of Security personnel

Airport / Terminal Facilities

Waiting time for Check-in process

Attitude of Check-in personnel

Airport/Terminal signage

Efficiency of Flight Information Monitors

Baggage Carts

Bank / ATM and Exchange facilities


Seating availability at gates

Terminal Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

Lighting & power socket

Public Address System (Announcement)

Attitude of Airport personnel (excluding check-in, passport and security)

Food & Beverage

Availability of eating facilities

Attitude of personnel in eating facilities


Shopping facilities

Attitude of personnel in shopping facilities

Duty Free facilities

Attitude of personnel in Duty Free Shops


Terminal Cleanliness

Washrooms / toilets availability

Washrooms / toilets cleanliness

Reasonable noise level

Arrival Facilities

Passport and Visa process in Arrival

Baggage delivery in Arrivals

Customs Control

Meet & Greet facilities in arrival waiting area


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